Getting Over The Hump.

We might not know the first thing about horse jumping, but we know enough about  marketing businesses and surpassing sales goals to fill plenty of feed bags.

So dig in and fill up on the insights we have amassed here – from client highlights and case studies to our unique perspective on industry issues and the work we do.

  • Digital Media Planning

    Leap Strategic Marketing has developed a proprietary media planning and performance tracking process specifically designed for community banks.  After years of perfecting this process, we’ve learned how to generate growth results while maximizing budget dollars and eliminating waste. Below is an overview of how our process works. Target your bank’s […]

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  • The Rise of Switching Behavior

    The Opportunity for Community Banks has Never Been Better Most households have always been pretty reluctant to move their primary banking relationship. However, the pandemic and rise of new digital banking options have altered switching behavior, creating a big opportunity for those financial institutions that are aggressive and a risk […]

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  • Building Your Bank’s Digital Footprint

    A Proprietary Footprint Development Process. Leap Strategic Marketing has developed a proprietary process that works for all lines of business at your bank. The goal of this process is to develop a targeted approach that effectively delivers customer and prospect messages in your bank’s primary trading areas while eliminating waste.  […]

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  • Digital Video Advertising

    Elevate Your Brand Messaging

    Harness The Power of Digital Video Advertising! This blog will help you understand how you can elevate your bank’s brand messaging with digital video. Most community banks have never been able to justify the cost of spot television because of the inability to target their messages to just their bank’s […]

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  • Banks Need FI Communications Specialists

    The Media Landscape Has Radically Changed. Digital transformation in the financial services industry has reached the stage that community banks need the assistance of outside marketing communication specialists to help navigate the new digital platforms and more traditional media channels. Those specialists should have an in-depth understanding of banking products […]

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  • Better Community Bank Target Marketing

    Using Targeting to Maximize Marketing Results. Leveraging your target marketing options is definitely a best practice when you are looking to maximize your bank’s marketing results. When you have the right product configuration, with the right rate, term and offer, coupled with your ability to open the product at the […]

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  • Revitalizing Community Bank Brand Equity

    Refresh. Revitalize. Rebrand. Get Sales and Profits Growing. Older community banks have built substantial brand equity over the lifetime of their bank. Many of these organizations are constantly wrestling with ways to get their financial institution growing at a level that will satisfy their board of directors. While there are […]

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  • Find Your Brand Voice | Leap Strategic Marketing

    Define Your Brand Voice

    Your Brand’s Voice Defines Your Business Your brand is much more than a logo, tagline or unique creative design element. Brand voice is essential for marketers to create and manage the unique personality of their brand. Brands, just like people, have a voice – the tone, manner and style of […]

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  • Bank Mergers and Acquisitions | Leap Strategic Marketing

    M&A Community Bank Marketing

    Marketing During an FI Merger or Acquisition.   If you are planning a bank or credit union merger, or if have one taking place in your footprint market, you definitely have some major marketing opportunities happening over the next year. As a marketer, the choices become pretty clear if you […]

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  • Digital Marketing | Leap Strategic Marketing

    Advertising That Connects

    Campaign Connects to Culturally Changing Community. First Federal Bank merged with a Bay View Federal and the merger that connects the two banks was great news for both organizations. Bay View Federal had no checking accounts and was primarily a CD based deposit institution. First Federal was excited about the […]

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  • De Novo Marketing That Launches

    Launching a New Branch Should Be Grand. Just like the first impression one makes in an interview, how you launch a new facility, a De Novo branch, can make a big difference in success or failure. If you calculate all the time and money that have gone into making that […]

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  • Leap Creates New Branding

    Leap builds new branding for Marathon Savings Bank. Leap Strategic Marketing is proud to share a new brand identity we created for Marathon Savings Bank. The bank has had a number of logo and taglines over their 110 year history.  However, the one symbol that has followed the bank throughout […]

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  • Leap Partnership wins Paragon Award

    Leap Partnership Wins PRSA Paragon Award Leap is always looking for opportunities to help our clients grow their business. A&W Restaurants of Northeastern Wisconsin had some great things happening. Working with a public relations partner we created an eight month initiative to build awareness and enhance the A&W brand. This campaign won […]

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  • Leap Marketing Wins Bell Award

    Leap Strategic Marketing Wins BMA Bell Award Lil’ Tex Hunts, a trophy hunting destination in central Wisconsin asked for Leap’s help in re-branding their 500 acre facility. The goal was to create a new premier rural escape destination brand. Leap never thought we would win the 2013 Business Marketing Association […]

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