Digital Display Advertising

Today’s programmatic digital media is driven by display banner ads that are placed on websites and delivered on desktop, mobile and tablet devices.  Without a doubt, these popular display ads are the backbone of a locally targeted digital marketing programs.

  • Audience retargeting – When your landing page is visited, a retargeting pixel (cookie) is placed on your visitor’s browser and they are delivered additional ad messages.
  • Geo-fence mobile targeting – Using GPS coordinates to target specific geographic locations, mobile display messages are delivered to people who enter a geo-fenced area.
  • Geo-recency retargeting – When a mobile device is captured in a geo-fence, that device will be served additional digital display ads over a period of time, sometimes extending the life of your campaign.
  • Geographic targeting – Delivery of advertising messages to specific zip codes or radii identified in your trading area
  • Demographic targeting – Placement of ad messaging on websites in the target audience (age, gender, income, marital status, business owner and more).
  • Contextual targeting – Advertising messages are displayed on websites that cover topics that are important to the target audiences.
  • Behavioral, addressable and historical are additional targeting methods that are becoming popular.

Creative Drives the Messaging

Leap Marketing can build digital display campaigns in days. Our expertise and robust network of top-notch strategists, creatives and producers let us hit the ground running.

HTML 5 & Animated GIF Production – Industry standards are adhered to producing small files that are high quality

  • This allows our clients to present three frames that loop and lasts for 15 seconds
  • Allows for rapid message change for the entire campaign in just a few days
  • Re-targeting allows clients to present a secondary message to prospects who have visited their website

We use multiple sizes to fit all content web sites –  standard sizes that are used with desktop, mobile and tablet displays across networks, apps and social media

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Metrics that Drive Results

Leap Marketing delivers detailed metrics on every digital display media buy. Using website Google Analytics and our own digital tracking dashboard, results are detailed tracking reports to guide each media buy to assure optimized delivery.

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When it comes to digital solutions the answer is clear. Only Leap Marketing offers the expertise and resources to put your plans into action, and turn action into results.

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