Where’s Jordy? Social Media Success

Client Point of Purchase Stolen…Turns into a Social Media Success Story

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What do you do when you sponsor one of the most popular Green Bay Packer players and someone steals a life-sized cut-out of the player you are using for local restaurant promotions?

Do you call the police? No!

You call your advertising agency!

The client sent surveillance video of a person running into the restaurant in Oshkosh, Wisconsin who grabs the Jordy Nelson cut-out and then bolts out the door to a waiting getaway car. The restaurant manager was in hot pursuit until the car pulls out of the parking lot.

Where's JordyThe next day the client and agency hatch the “Where’s Jordy?” Facebook promotion. The agency goes to 10 popular locations in Oshkosh and takes pictures of the cut-out which the client begins posting over the weekend on the restaurant Facebook page.

Leap donated their agency copy of the Jordy cut-out to the restaurant and we will keep you posted on the outcome of the prank, especially if the life-size cut-out of Jordy Nelson is ever returned.

But if you are looking for agency that loves to have fun and can see opportunity in the face of what could only be seen as tragedy by the client…visit us Leap Strategic Marketing or why not give us a call at 262-436-4080, we would love to chat with you.