The Seven Deadly Sins of Account Planning

The Seven Deadly Sins of Account Planning.

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Not long ago, planners were the undisputed rock stars of the agency business. But they’re now mere mortals in the middle of the maelstrom of everything going on — what communication, what media, how to compete and how to become versed in multimedia.

Not to mention that they are increasingly finding themselves on teams with other disciplines of, yes, planners. Media planners, connection planners, trans-media planners, channel planners, directors of user experience. How do you prepare an effective brief these days?

Whereas the discipline was once rooted in the stately British tradition of representing the consumer in the advertising-creation process by pushing marketers and agency teams to produce the best TV spot, today’s planning ideas need to stand up to all forms of advertising and every way consumers spend their time.  A big challenge is being up to date with what’s going on. An account planner must be current, understand this and always ask what’s next?

The Seven Deadly Sins of Account Planning

1) Living by old assumptions

2) Caring about the wrong objectives

3) Focusing on linearity of order instead of newness and complexity

4) Thinking that brand communication is what matters rather than actions

5) Spending time modeling rather than building brands organically

6) Thinking only big things matter, rather than small things that trigger big impacts

7) Operating by a learn and do process. It should be try, learn and try again

Seven deadly sins that will cause long term client issues that need to remembered and put to use.  Tough to do when your agency is trying to pay the bills.

Knowing that your agency lives by these rules is critical to developing plans that have your business’ future in mind.  To learn more about Leap Marketing and how we live this philosophy. contact John Verre @ 262-436-4080.