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When the marketing department at Alverno College was looking for the right creative solution for their new graduate admission brochures they turned to Leap Marketing.

Alverno’s revolutionary teaching method has received national acclaim and they have been listed in the U.S. News and World Report of best colleges 30 times since 1988.

The Alverno marketing department wanted to find a way to redirect their highly successful “Invest in You” undergraduate marketing campaign to a different audience. They were looking to have more real world impact for continuing education students and working professionals looking to invest in their careers.

This is no small commitment for working professionals, especially with careers in full swing and home obligations consuming their daily lives.

The New Alverno College Graduate School Admissions Brochures
The New Alverno College Graduate School Admissions Brochures

Alverno has four graduate degree disciplines: (See each brochure here) Education, Community Psychology, Business Administration and Nursing. While each discipline has unique admissions requirements, they have one overwhelming similarity. They are all taught with the Alverno “Best in Class” methodology.

To meet Alverno’s goals, Leap assembled a creative team that was experienced in higher education marketing communications and developed a unique production system to save the client money.

The Leap team took on the task of combining an existing 14-page Graduate School Overview brochure and four, 12-page individual discipline brochures into four new, 16-page brochures for each discipline degree. Based on how the admissions department works and working professionals view these programs that made the most sense.

One of the most interesting things about this project assignment was how Leap was able to work within Alverno’s current marketing communications system in a seamless, non-disruptive manner. Our goal was to add to the college’s brand equity while enhancing the messaging of the highly successful undergraduate marketing campaign. Mission accomplished.

Perhaps we could discuss how we can help you put together “The Right Solution” for your next marketing effort. Contact John Verre to learn more.