Digital Video

Digital Video lets you pinpoint your ad right down to the zip code—at a fraction of the cost of conventional TV advertising. No waste or overlap, just a one-to-one connection with you and your target market—with creative that hits home!

Creative Messaging is Unlimited

The wonderful aspect of Digital Video is the ability to geographically, contextually and demographically target your media buys. Professional TV quality and fast turnaround allows for this Digital Video to deliver any type of message.

  • Branding
  • Consumer Products & Services
  • Business Products and Services

Digital Video Provides Analytics

Unlike broadcast or cable spot TV or OTT TV commercials, digital video allows for a high degree of analytic analysis and evaluation of their effectiveness.

Spot-On Digital Video Production

Changes in technology have made the production of these type of digital video commercials inexpensive. There are number different production formats that can be used and creating these short videos has never easier. Based on your budget, options are endless.

A&W Restaurants

The Bacon Cheeseburger

Lick the screen photography, needle drop music really delivers brand imagery for this consumer branding spot.

Investors Community Bank

Kolosso Toyota

Business Banking testimonial spot was produced on location and delivers the business banking promise at ICB.

Bank Five Nine

Banking Technology

This consumer checking acquisition creative was built from the digital display advertising and brought to life with Spot-On Digital Video that clicks through to their landing page.

Bluff View Bank


This Digital Video was just one component of a complete digital display and social media campaign zip code targeted to suburban La Crosse Wisconsin.

Peru Federal Savings

Get Connected

Targeted to rural America in the Chicago TV market this video was also part of a complete zip code targeted multi-media campaign.

Investors Community Bank

Walk In Their Shoes | Agricultural Lending

This digital video was geo-targeted statewide using offline agricultural data to isolate online identifiers allowing digital content targeting for specific businesses at the IP level by industry.

Leap Marketing Case Histories

To learn more about these programs and many others please connect with us.  We’ll be happy to share the results of these programs with you.