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Making Advertising Fun!

Packers Players Have Fun With A&W. Nothing is better than a promotion that works and is fun for everyone involved. You know it’s working well when the celebrity featured in the promotion stops by a client location unannounced to help them celebrate. Jordy Nelson, Eddie Lacy, Josh Sitton and others […]


Advertising That Differentiates

A&W Differentiates with Bigger Burgers. All Double Cheeseburgers are not created equal, but what differentiates something as basic as a hamburger? The reason is the size of the regular hamburgers at each fast food restaurant chain. For example, McDonald’s has always used a 10 to 1 ratio for their regular […]

Co-branding with Celebrities

Affordable Celebrity Sponsorships

Smaller Clients Can Afford Celebrities. Celebrity sponsorships have been used in marketing since the dawn of modern advertising. Their job in the marketing mix has been used to accomplish many different goals and objectives. Some typical uses for celebrities: building brand awareness, endorsing products, connecting the brand to target audiences, […]


Leap Partnership wins Paragon Award

Leap Partnership Wins PRSA Paragon Award Leap is always looking for opportunities to help our clients grow their business. A&W Restaurants of Northeastern Wisconsin had some great things happening.¬†Working with a public relations partner¬†we created an eight month initiative to build awareness and enhance the A&W brand. This campaign won […]