Strategy Drives New Creative

Leap Creates New Ellenbecker Awareness Campaign

New EIG Logo Best

Leap Marketing would like to share some of our new creative work for the Ellenbecker Investment Group (EIG).

EIG asked Leap Marketing to help them develop a new, strategically focused creative approach for their overall awareness campaign. EIG is a women owned and operated investment group that believes in targeting their messages to women of their affluent target audiences.

One of the primary missions of EIG is to educate women who find themselves in a financial decision making role. This education helps them to gain confidence and feel empowered to make those important financial decisions.

Leap’s mission was to create an awareness messaging strategy that would resonate with these affluent consumers and differentiate EIG. The messaging had to stand out from all the typical category “life changes”, “DIY” and “value” messaging currently being executed in the category.


Leap Marketing’s research isolated facts that support the proposition that the reason high net worth individuals change advisors is based upon their current advisor’s client servicing behavior. In fact, the research shows that the higher the net worth, the less tolerant these clients become with their current advisor’s poor skills. Many times, these weak skills are the primary reason consumers switch to a new investment firm.

From a communications tactical point-of-view, the rotary outdoor will help build top-of-mind awareness of EIG. Outdoor helps fill the top of the communications funnel and allows EIG to communicate the positive aspects working with an investment firm dedicated to providing superior client service.

Our agency employs former financial services marketing and marketing communications executives that have an in-depth knowledge of the industry. This is what makes our agency unique and allows for us to develop a strong partnership with our clients.

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