Small and Smart is the Future

Small and Smart is the Agency of the Future.

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Would you consider investing and starting a marketing communications agency today?

I don’t think many people would unless they have a real passion for the process and especially the work.

That passion comes from the experience of making things happen for their clients. The feeling of accomplishment and pride that comes from work that helps their clients achieve their goals.

Today, I believe that the Small and Smart Model is truly the only way to provide clients with the expertise and quality they need to succeed while focusing their limited resources on getting The Right Solutions to their marketing issues.

I am lucky to have experienced marketing and advertising from a number of different perspectives. I was an owner at a great mid-sized agency for more years than I would like to remember, directed and managed two in-house operations and served a tour of duty as a client.

I have also been fortunate that these experiences provided me the opportunity to have worked on some outstanding pieces of business and brands. Working with smart people, I believe, makes you smarter and wiser over time.

I am not saying that the Small and Smart is a win/win all the time, but this business model will certainly win more times than not.

There are plenty of people who subscribe to this configuration of agency design and organization, but as in most things the devil is in the details of that organizational structure.

My vision of Small and Smart starts with a core team of entrepreneurial discipline specialty companies who have a passion for what they do. They are driven by senior people directly involved on the client’s business who want to see them succeed. The key to the Leap Marketing configuration derives from the use of firms who also have developed Small and Smart organizations.

The talent pool of specialists today is extremely robust.

Today, many clients are still tentative and adverse to large retainer arrangements. Many of them prefer to work on a project basis. For traditional agency structures this can mean an unpredictable revenue stream while battling a predictable expense drain to cover their overhead.

These type operations are simply too expensive for many client budgets for the luxury of having access to services they use on an infrequent or occasional basis. The Leap organizational structure provides these occasional services from Small and Smart firms as needed, allowing clients focus their resources in a targeted fashion.

The real results of Small and Smart are seen in the pitch room. If you see a presentation from a smart set of people who worked hard for the pitch it is very compelling. It is certainly more believable that they will continue to work on your business with the same passion they brought to the pitch.

That is what this new Small and Smart organization is all about.

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