Marketing That Rebrands

Marketing Plan Designed to Retain Customers and Attract New Ones.


CCFBank Logo

Citizens Community Federal, located in Eau Claire, Wisconsin has been expanding in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan markets. They have invested in technology, added loan and depository products, and developed traditional and in-store branch locations.

To signal their commitment to the future, the bank chose to change its name from Citizens Community Federal to CCFBank. In today’s competitive financial sector, their current name was not easily identifiable as a bank.

Leap Marketing was named agency of record by Citizens Community Federal and was asked to help with the introduction of the new name, a new logo, tagline and a branding campaign.

According to J.D. Powers, how current bank customers learn about a name change can have a significant impact on retention.

The Leap Marketing Challenge

If not communicated properly, such a change can have a negative impact.  Conversely, a new logo and name change announcement can be extremely positive when introduced carefully and may help reposition a bank for future growth.

Our goal was to minimize any current customer impact and create a marketing communications plan to rebrand the bank and acquire new customers for the future.

A comprehensive communications program that included multiple current customer touchpoints and internal corporate communications to create employee “brand champions” was also deployed.

External efforts focused on creating an impact in the bank’s footprint for the 20 branches that covers 3 Midwestern states. The external rebranding portion of the marketing plan called for a complete brand makeover that included new bank signage, website, social media and an advertising campaign to communicate the brand change.

Advertising that Rebrands

The bank has invested heavily in expanding their web-based technologies to meet the changing needs of consumers and businesses. In addition, CCFBank is committed to attracting, hiring and training people to provide financial expertise and superior service to their customers, while at the same time offering innovative products and services.

Messaging was designed to reflect these focal points. Below is a sample of the creative that Leap developed for the rebranding campaign.

Samples of Rebranding CCBank Creative

Advertising That Rebrands
Geo-Targeted Desktop & Mobile Digital
Advertising that rebrands
Key Location Outdoor Advertising Displays

The agency set-up a metrics tracking platform that uses the bank’s online vendor, as well as another source that tracked engagement, as well as visits to the website and landing page for CCFBank’s new branding campaign.

If you would like to learn more about the CCFBank “New Look” campaign, contact John Verre or Laura Bonesteel at 262-436-4080. We would be happy to show you and your team actually what was accomplished in this very neat case history.

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