Marketing Events that Celebrate

Event Marketing Events Engage Customers and Employees with a Celebration.

Bacon CheeseburgersWith the world moving so quickly, people tend to forget who invented something really special.

Can you tell me who invented the first bacon cheeseburger?

When I was a kid and the family went on vacation, my dad played the “who invented” game with the kids. Questions like who invented the first Television? The Radio? The Cotton Gin?

Leap Marketing recommended that our A&W restaurant client promote one of their best selling sandwiches to kick off the fall season. We chose the Original Bacon Cheeseburger for this effort. What happened after the client approved that recommendation is what makes creating advertising fun.

Today, nearly every casual dining restaurant and quick service restaurant in the United States sells that sandwich. Leap Marketing needed a hook to make the creative break through this clutter. During our discovery session to decide on the creative direction, the agency learned that A&W actually invented the Original Bacon Cheeseburger.

Dale Mulder, an A&W franchisee, was the first person to ever put bacon on a cheeseburger and sell it at his restaurant. But this A&W visionary did it back in 1963. He knew back then that everything tastes better with bacon. This had to be the creative focal point of an event celebration.

I’m really surprised my dad didn’t ask us that question because he seemed to know every inventor in the world.

Leap Marketing just completed an advertising and event marketing campaign to celebrate this tasty creation. The A&W Original Bacon Cheeseburger celebration included online banner ads, oversize print inserts, point-of-purchase materials and a solid social media effort on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Oh by the way, it is my favorite burger.

Take a look at TV creative. Aside from great food photography, you’ll see that we tagged the spot to kick off our new celebrity sponsorship with Green Bay running back Eddie Lacy. There is a lot of event marketing going on at A&W!


Celebrating a company invention or historical event also helps your employees to be motivated and engaged with the firm. Events like this can help build a sense of pride in the organization and build the right brand attributes with your customers. Activities like these also help reinforce the unique selling proposition of your firm in the minds of consumers.

To learn more about celebrating your company’s inventions or any other historical event give the folks at Leap Marketing a call. We have quite number of case histories to share with you that will give you even more ideas about adding a tactic like this to your consumer marketing strategy for next year.

Contact John Verre or call 262-436-4080. You might be surprised learn how little it costs and how profitable a celebration can be.