Leap Partnership wins Paragon Award

Leap Partnership Wins PRSA Paragon Award

PRSA Shine On Award
Leap is always looking for opportunities to help our clients grow their business. A&W Restaurants of Northeastern Wisconsin had some great things happening. Working with a public relations partner we created an eight month initiative to build awareness and enhance the A&W brand. This campaign won a Media Relations Award from the Public Relations Society of America. Here’s what we created.

Two Major Newsworthy Opportunities Provide the Fuel

 Freshly Made Root Beer

The one thing that A&W has that the rest of the fast food industry does not, is making fresh root beer in the restaurant….caffeine free, no artificial sweeteners, from a time honored formula of barks and berries.

With individualized, community focused press releases for each of the A&W of Northeast Wisconsin franchises, the root beer story was quick to get local buzz. Public feedback was really quite good because most people had no idea that each hometown A&W was brewing root beer. In fact, some were so curious they waned to see this for themselves.

The A&W of Northeast Wisconsin press releases were picked up across the country. Several major cities picked up the root beer brewing clip. Some of these cities included Tampa Bay, Atlanta, Detroit, Knoxville, Sacramento, Poughkeepsie, Lansing, Detroit, and even Bangor, Maine.

Jordy Nelson SponsorshipA&W Jordy Nelson 87 Cents Cheeseburger Special

Nelson signed a two-year contract with A&W of Wisconsin and was used for a very special promotion that rewarded A&W customers with specially priced 87¢ “Jordy Burgers”  the Monday after the game when he scores in a Green Bay Packers game.

This was another great PR opportunity to promote locally, especially in Northeastern Wisconsin with daily newspapers, TV, radio and business publications. In fact, a Twitter feed was set up for game day Tweets when he scored.

Restaurant sales responded. One Monday last year, one franchisee sold nearly 11,000 Jordy Burgers.

Spectacular ROI

Freshly Made Root Beer reached over 4 million people generating $168,603 in total media value. Jordy reached more than 800,000 people generating $84,711 in total media value.

A&W received over $250,000 in value for an investment of under $25,000.

The principals of the agency have won and contributed to many creative and marketing awards. You can see some of the agency awards on our the website.

This is a great example how Leap works with our partners to find The Right Solution for clients.  To learn more about how we can work together please contact Laura Bonesteel @ 262-436-4080.