Digital Advertising That Rebrands

Digital Advertising Campaign Helps Reposition Community Bank.



First Bank Financial Centre located in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin has been growing their business in Southeastern Wisconsin since 1859. They have been through several rebranding efforts over the years. After investing heavily on online and mobile banking technology it was time to reposition this community bank for the future and leverage their technology investment to acquire a younger customer base.

The digital banking landscape has been changing rapidly with national banks, credit unions and fintech firms radically improving their technology offerings. But when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the consumer demand for sophisticated, easy to use digital banking accelerated tremendously.

Bank Five Nine was planning on this new brand repositioning for a couple years. Those efforts included determining and testing the new brand name, brand voice, tagline and also a new logo.

According to J.D. Powers, how current bank customers learn about a name change can have a significant impact on existing customer retention.  Bank Five Nine understood this and had been working hard at communicating their new name to their customers using a multi-channel communications approach. The Bank Five Nine marketing team felt comfortable that the name change was being well accepted with little, if any, negative impact. It was now time to build awareness with non-customers and prospects.

The Leap Marketing Challenge

The original launch plan needed to change due to the significant impact the pandemic had on many components of that original communications program. So, Leap Marketing proposed a digital advertising campaign that would not only introduce the new brand name, but position Bank Five Nine as a superior digital banking option.

The media services team developed a programmatic digital media plan that included digital display and online video that was geographically, demographically and contextually targeted to the Bank Five Nine target audience.

The creative campaign was designed to position Bank Five Nine with younger prospects and to compete directly with other banks, credit unions and fintech firms by leveraging their new banking technology services and state-of-the-art online account opening capabilities. New customers could open a new Free Checking Account in less than 5 minutes.



The creative team used a digital pre-roll digital video technique to completely integrate the digital display messaging and built three 15-second spots that would bring the Bank Five Nine positioning to life while being entertaining and allowing people to click-through to the website landing page.



Leap Marketing tracked campaign metrics using Google Analytics and the agency’s custom campaign dashboard. Over the course of the campaign the landing page became the third most visited page on the website.  The digital display ads generated a click-through rate of .30%. The 15-second pre-roll video was 100% viewed nearly 880,000 times and generated a click-through rate of .13%.

If you would like to learn more about the Bank Five Nine launch campaign, contact John Verre or Laura Bonesteel or give us a call @ 262-436-4080. We would be happy tell you more about this campaign and what was accomplished with this Bank Five Nine brand roll-out campaign.

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