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Launching a New Branch Should Be Grand.

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Just like the first impression one makes in an interview, how you launch a new facility, a De Novo branch, can make a big difference in success or failure.

If you calculate all the time and money that have gone into making that new facility a reality, it only makes sense to have a marketing plan that properly debuts that facility to your customers, prospects, employees and stakeholders.

You need to put an equal amount of time into the marketing, promotion and event planning for the launch of that new facility to make the investment you’ve made pay off.  You should make sure that the first impression people get of your company is how you want your brand to be perceived.

Regardless of the type of business you operate, your opportunity to make that first impression only happens once. Leap Strategic Marketing understands and has helped many types of businesses open new facilities. And while all businesses and brands are different, the process for the launch of that new facility is very much the same.

We put together a seven step outline of the planning process. This Grand Opening Planning Guide is a checklist that will help you and your team start the planning process to get great results from the launch of your new facility.

Leap’s client guided service model provided just the marketing services they needed for these projects and with our help these clients did a fantastic job at their Grand Opening events.

People’s Bank of Kankakee County had a tremendous opportunity to open a temporary branch location in the community of Manteno, Illinois where a local community bank competitor was bought by a regional bank and closed their local branch.  People’s Bank is building a ground-up De Novo to open in 2021.

Here’s some outdoor to alert consumers of the new branch.

Digital Outdoor Billboard

Here’s an example of the creative the Bank of Sun Prairie used to invite people to their event.

Grand Openings
Geo-Targeted Oversize Postcard

First Federal Bank of Wisconsin used a cash cube for a charity money grab event at their Grand Opening. They had people go into the cash cube, grab money in the air and matched funds for local community charity.

The event was promoted using a complete media schedule that included a radio remote and social media the morning of the event. This media strategy drew so many people they needed a tent in their parking lot to accommodate all the traffic.

They opened many new accounts that morning and scheduled appointments for the following week to open more. Quite a successful Grand Opening.

Grand Opening
Tent Event
Grand Openings
Charity Cash Cube

If you would like some help to make your Grand Opening a success, contact Laura Bonesteel at 262-436-4080.  We would be happy to help put a complete Grand Opening plan together for you and walk you and your team through the entire process.


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