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It is amazing sometimes how execution of graphic branding design standards tend to drift, modify and change over a period of time. When you look back at the body of work that is produced during those times, the true brand image shifts and the beauty originally intended by the designers fades.

The First Bank Financial Centre 2013 Annual Report is a beautiful example of reviving the original graphic standards of a brand and bringing back some of the lost magic that was originally planned for the brand from the beginning.  That was the vision of the Director of Marketing, Jeff McCarthy.  The simple graphic beauty of the branding had begun to drift.  His goal for the annual report was to restore the original brand standards.

2013 Annual Report Cover2013 Annual Report Message


The bold colors, clean lines and distinct look creates something very pleasing to the eye.

 There is strength in the messaging & accomplishments to talk about.The design allows them to shine.


The First Bank experience helped remind the team at Leap Marketing that sometimes subtle changes made by the agency or client extending a brand can change the purity of the original design elements and the impact that design treatment.WBA_logo_300dpi_blue_rgb_2015

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