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Blog LogoIt’s not very often a client comes to you with a number of historic accomplishments and wants to find a way to capture and communicate those achievements in their annual report.

First Bank Financial Centre had one of those years in 2014.  Leap Marketing was challenged to find a way to present some of the bank’s all time best accomplishments in a manner that enriched their brand.

  • A 25,000 square foot expansion of their corporate headquarters in downtown Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
  • “Top Work Places” award winner in the Milwaukee DMA for the fifth year in a row
  • State of Wisconsin’s #1 SBA Lender for the second year in a row
  • Historic financial performance in revenue and profits
  • Two new branch locations opened during 2014


If you are First Bank, the delivery of these accomplishments must be executed in a way that is consistent with the brand.  The key to leveraging any brand is to extend beyond the look and design, it must incorporate the personality and the voice of the bank.

We know that brand identity is a critical component in differentiating a financial institution, especially when First Bank has spent years honing their look, personality and voice.  The First Bank Financial Centre’s brand personality can be summarized and captured with the following attributes: warm, caring, devoted, creative, committed, dedicated, loyal, genuine, sincere and humble. First Bank is a community bank and their stakeholders include associates, shareholders, customers and the local communities in which they operate. Talking about these accomplishments in a braggadocious fashion just wouldn’t work to build their brand.

Last year, the vision of the bank’s Director of Marketing, was to take the 2013 Annual Report and drive the design by going back to the basics and restoring the original brand standards.  This year, the goal was to stay within those original brand standards, yet find a way to incorporate the historic accomplishments.  Below is the cover and back of the 2014 Annual Report that showcases First Bank Financial Centre’s brand integrity.

Front Cover
Front Cover
Back Cover
Back Cover

















Below is a look at a sample inside spread that demonstrates the way Leap Marketing and First Bank chose to present some these record setting financial accomplishments. Considering the magnitude of these achievements we think the voice and approach to the piece is genuine, sincere and humble. But judge for yourself.

Inside Spread 2
Sample Inside Spread



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