Brand Messaging That Defines

Brand Messaging Helps Move Consumers Through The Acquisition Funnel.

Advertising That Defines

Ellenbecker Investment Group hired Leap Marketing to help them develop a new branding campaign. The initial project resulted in the development of an outdoor campaign that the client liked so much they trademarked all of the billboard headlines.

The origin of the “Listen” approach to investing was the creation of EIG founder, Karen Ellenbecker.

Leap Marketing helped EIG simplify and expand that approach by using research to help amplify the overall brand promise and by adding Respond and Plan messages to the communications paradigm. These messages have been running on rotary billboards throughout the entire Milwaukee DMA for more than a year. A sample of those billboards is shown below.

Rotary Billboards

There is no doubt that the outdoor advertising has helped fill the top of the new customer acquisition funnel, while also creating a distinct brand differentiator among investment firms in the Wisconsin market for the Ellenbecker Investment Group.

After completing a P$cycle and Experian target audience cluster analysis, it became apparent that EIG needed to be more aggressive in explaining these high level messages to their target audience. What was the power of listening, responding and planning to the EIG way of doing business?

The 2014 J.D. Powers Investor Satisfaction Survey provided clues to the next level messaging in definitive terms and verified the power of the current EIG advertising campaign.

A new print campaign was the next challenge for Leap Marketing. The goal was to further develop the brand messaging and help EIG start to explain their unique approach to investment planning.

Ellenbecker Investment Group Print Campaign
City Magazines

To learn more about the ways to leverage the customer acquisition funnel and how to create messaging to build market share, please contact John Verre or give the folks at Leap Marketing a call at 262-436-4080.