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Leap Strategic Marketing | Marketing Communications firmIn order to capitalize on their rebranding marketing investment, CCFBank has launched a brandtailing marketing and advertising campaign in their footprint markets.

This checking acquisition campaign is the bank’s first major brandtailing effort and is designed to acquire new deposit customers in their branch locations in Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota.

The client and agency took a disciplined approach to developing this effort that included a complete competitive product and services review of the branch trading areas. This competitive analysis showed that the client had a checking product, Freedom Rewards Checking, that could be promoted as free checking that pays interest. Pretty unique for most banks. Additionally, all the investment the client made in mobile and online banking would provide the technology banking services package most customers want.

Leap Marketing has years of experience executing new customer acquisition campaigns for financial institutions and recommended the client use a combination of digital online and direct mail that offers a cash bonus when the prospect opens a checking account and completes some qualifying activity.


Advertising that Acquires
Geo-Targeted Acquisition Postcard
Desktop & Mobile Digital Banner Ads

This campaign was a follow-up to the bank’s rebranding campaign that was launched two months earlier and gave the agency the opportunity to put a “brandtailing” marketing effort into action for their new brand. Brandtailing is a marketing strategy that allows clients to use a featured product to help differentiate their brand and run advertising and marketing programs that generates sales.

The planning and execution of a deposit acquisition campaign is a complex endeavor. The preparation to execute this type of program begins with redemption modeling, creative development and many hours of work internally at the financial institution to prepare the employees for opening these new accounts and cross-selling other products and services.

If you would like to learn more about brandtailing or new customer acquisition campaigns contact, John Verre or Laura Bonesteel at 262-436-4080.  We would be happy to tell you more about using a brandtailing marketing strategy or walk you and your team through the entire new customer acquisition process.

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