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Lead With a Brand’s Accomplishments.

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Clients are always looking for a way to differentiate their brand from that of their competitors and when you lead in something that helps. Certainly, you can tell prospects and customers you are different and even explain the difference to them.

But the absolute best way to differentiate your brand is to take credit for the accomplishments you have achieved that are being recognized by others.

Especially if that accomplishment has put your brand at the head of the class.

While most clients really don’t overlook those accomplishments as opportunities to separate their brand, they tend to focus those efforts internally with their teams and externally with prospects through their sales materials and presentations.

And if you don’t take credit for the leading category accomplishment with vigor, competitors will try to erode that leadership positioning by posturing with some lesser accomplishments of their own….creating prospect confusion. And that was what was happening to the #1 SBA Lender in Wisconsin….First Bank Financial Centre.

The Marketing Director at First Bank challenged Leap Marketing to help them own the SBA leadership positioning and clear the air on who the real leader was. Leap produced a radio spot titled,”Not Created Equal.” We think it does a great job of helping to dispel competitor confusion and positioning First Bank for their accomplishment.


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