Advertising Differentiates the Brand

A&W Beats The Competition with the Bigger Double Cheeseburger.

A&W Leap Logo

It’s rare for marketing folks to find an opportunity with a product that differentiates the brand that you could actually create an entire promotional campaign for an existing product.

In the world of fast food there is always one thing you can count on and that something is called product parody. But that is what we we created for the A&W Bigger Double Cheeseburger.

A&W burgers are actually 1/6 of a pound each.  So when you build a burger with two patties you have 1/3 of a pound.  McDonald’s makes 10 burgers from a pound of ground beef, so their Double Cheeseburger pales in a size comparison.  Burger King makes 8 burgers to a pound so A&W beats them too!

Leap Marketing knew the one enduring brand icon that A&W has is “Rooty the Root Bear”. A mascot and cartoon character created to celebrate the art of making “Freshly Made Root Beer” in the restaurant. Rooty is a voracious, fun loving creature who devours freshly prepared A&W food, slurps down classic Root Beer Floats and can’t wait to consume another A&W ice cream treat.

Leap introduced Rooty on television as the All-American Candidate. Rooty promised to give everyone awesome A&W food at a great price. Sales last year were very good and we concluded that our satirical, playful and whimsical approach to presenting Rooty was a hit with consumers.

So this year, people needed to understand a little more about our lovable, playful Rooty the Root Bear. We decided to have some fun and used a Saturday Night Live, short theatrical sketch approach to building the TV creative. The A&W brand is all about having fun and we think this satirical approach captures that essence perfectly.

The Bigger Double Cheeseburger TV Spot


The promotion was a hit with consumers.  Same store sales for A&W were up 10.4%, customer counts were up 3.4% and ticket average increased 6.8%.  So you can differentiate a customer’s product over the competition, even if the all the products are called by the same name.

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