Advanced Media Targeting (A.I.M.)

Advanced Integrated Media Targeting

A.I.M. is an extremely powerful and sophisticated marketing weWhat is Advanced Integrated Media Marketing (A.I.M.)?apon for all types of customer facing businesses that leverages available media assets and focuses them on a mission to win. Almost any marketing objective is achievable because the assets available in most trading areas cover every part of the marketing communications spectrum.

Small Businesses

Small businesses can use A.I.M. to rebrand their existing business or launch a new business. Most new businesses struggle to build brand awareness, but with A.I.M. they can now reach their trading area customers in a very sophisticated manner. They can even compete against the more established businesses in their category and can appear to be just as big to their customers as the leader in their trading area.

Established Brands

Established brands can use A.I.M. launch new facilities without having to take the entire market off their plan and even deliver trial driving offers without impacting the more profitable facilities in that market. These same businesses can now mount an effective, integrated transaction driving strategy to help their under-performing facilities get back on track.

The Concept of Cover Media

The concept of using cover media to help build or improve your customer acquisition isn’t anything new, but the ability to geo/demo/contextually target and heavy up cover media can deliver some powerful results. Leveraging A.I.M. to improve customer acquisition marketing efficiency when using direct marketing tactics is well proven.

In fact, over time when you use the right combination of vehicles, A.I.M. can help build weaker marketing areas into real profit centers.  Leap has been helping client’s build their customer acquisition marketing efficiency by not only improving the direct response targeting, but employing A.I.M. on a location by location basis to build improved overall program results and metrics.

Find out how A.I.M. can help you.

Leap Strategic Marketing has been using Advanced Integrated Media Marketing, (A.I.M.) to help businesses achieve their marketing objectives for years. Technological advances in media continue to improve and so does the ability to develop a winning marketing strategy.

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