A Mission Impossible Solution

Leap Strategic Marketing Redesigns the Walter Tools, LLC Catalog

Walter USA Catalog: Mission Impossible Solved

When your company’s mission is to develop the “Right Solutions” for a client, you really look hard at a project that calls for the redesign of a 2,300 page, 4-color catalog that must be ready for press and e-paper conversion in less than 12 weeks.

Leap Marketing consulted with a few industry experts, looked around for the right task force members and then decided to accept the challenge. If you aren’t familiar with machine tools, we decided to give you an opportunity to see how extremely technical and precise they are. After thoughtful consideration, we felt the best way to explain was to provide a few sample pages of the work we did for Walter USA…..Milling…..Threading…..Drilling and Boring. You can also view the entire catalog as an e-paper document.

Leap Marketing completed the project without an army of designers, proofreaders and production experts in the machine tool industry on staff. That is the task force concept and that is what the agency does better than anyone else.

Dramatic Photography
Dramatic Photography

The Leap Corporate Vision provides for a completely flexible, dedicated team to conquer challenges just like this for any client. Here’s how we approached the project for one of the largest machine tool companies in the world.

Leap approached the project from a completely unique perspective. We developed an ecologically minded, time-saving process that allowed for file transfer and proofing that would let the entire team (both client and agency) operate without paper. This system was designed to function securely in the “Cloud”. Access for all personnel on the client and agency side was 24/7 without file size limitations.

We are certainly proud of this work and brought this project in on time and on budget. It is nice to know that our client was proud of the work as well. Here’s a letter from Mr. Tanriverdi, the President of Walter USA.

Got a Mission Impossible you need solved? Contact John Verre at Leap Strategic Marketing and let us help create and design the “Right Solution” for you.